8x12 volt batteries (each 7Ah) in a row on the pv input

Hey Guys.
Yes, thats a spacial question. But I still have a battery pack of an UPS system lying around here. I would like to fully charge the battery pack at home via UPS. So the pack will have round about 110 volts in total. I want to connect this pack directly on the „pv input“ from my ac200max. Does someone tried this setup before? Sure I can also switch the cabels to 8x12 volts in parallel, but i want save the time after each load. I think I have to be careful with agm batteries that I don‘t discharge them below 50% in total. I‘m very thankful for comments. Greats Flix

Hi @Flix

If i understand your project right, you want to connect your existing UPS with 8x12 Volt Batterys to the PV input of your AC200Max.

The PV Input of AC200Max can handle between 10 - 145V (voc) and max. 15A. on this side there shouldnt be a problem (theoretically).

The offcial manual have a part for charging your AC200Max with lead acid Batterys.

See HERE Point 5.3 “Charging”

You need to change your PV Input from “PV” to “Others”. The manual also mentions 12V/24V Batterys only.

It shouldnt be a problem but cant say for sure.

Hope this helps a bit

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Hi @selfmadestrom
Thanks for your answer; but this was not my question. I got a battery pack from 8 x 12 volt batteries in a row (not parallel) so I got a voltage of 110v in total. My idea is to connect this pack directly in the dc input.

Hi @Flix

i understand you. Just mentioned that the guide in the manual is only descripted for 12V and 24V Battery. Since the Unit can take up to 145V there shouldnt be a Problem to connect a 110V DC Source. The manual mention to set the PV input to “Others”.

Maybe @BLUETTI can confirm?

If you want 8 x 12V batteries in series to charge the AC200Max:

  1. You need to set the DC input source to PV.
  2. Battery input current should be more than 15A to charge AC200Max, otherwise it may not be able to charge.
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