740W of solar power


I am currently building my first trailer and I want to use the AC200P as my main electrical hub. My question is I have 2 370w solar panels, so it is above the 700w limit of the AC200P. Knowing that they will be mounted flat on the roof so very rarely would they get the full wattage, would it be a bad idea to connect these to the unit?



You can go over wattage no problem, I have 1,000 watts in series for my AC200P. As long as your voltage is between 35 and 150 you will be fine.

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Perfect! Exactly what I was hoping to hear! Thank you.

Generally under ideal conditions the most you will get out of you panels is about 75%. That’s why I went to a 1,000 watts so I could collect the maximum 700 watts. Now with the new D050S voltage enhancer its also possible to collect another 500 watts through the AC adapter input.


Eric is correct. The equipment (load) will determine the maximum charging current, as long as the output voltage from the panels does not exceed the limit. Solar cells are energy pumps and will not be harmed even in a short circuit test (zero resistance load) so you can add more panels in parallel and will never exceed the equipment input current.

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Also, a lot of people intentionally “overpanel” with significantly more watts than the charge controller can handle. That helps to bring power in at a better rate when conditions are less than ideal. Usually you put as many panels in serial as you can, and then put another string in parallel. Parallel adds to amps, but not volts. In ideal conditions you will produce more amps (and watts) than you can handle, but that’s OK. What is not OK is too many volts. In suboptimal conditions – some clouds, some shade – the extra panels that don’t normally contribute in ideal conditions will increase energy production.