640 million people in Africa are living in the dark, we are doing our bit

640 million people in Africa are living in the dark, we are doing our bit.


Yes, many places in rural Africa do lack stable public grid. Solar and battery would be part of the solution to improve quality of life.
Can u tell us more about what’s going on?
Is Bluetti donating equipment, local manufacturing? Teaching?
Also which part of Africa are we talking about?

Hi @snowstorm,

Thank you for your attention.
We have a 5-year long-term plan about this, and we will update more in our community. The pictures are taken in Uganda, the East of Africa. Now we just donate some equipment to the local people, such as solar battery boxes, rigid solar panels, and LED lamps. We will try our best to do more in the future.

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Thanks. I had been involved in some initiative these (though not Uganda) so that’s why I am asking. Only when the basics of life such as food, shelter and security is secured can people strive for their full potential. The lack of basic amenities that we take for granted such as stable power and internet limit what even the smartest minds can do. Even someone like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates born in a poor rural area there would do nothing more than anyone else but to aim for survival. Imagine the potential if everyone’s potential can be unleashed.

It would be very interesting for Bluetti to partner with others efforts at brining internet connectivity to areas.

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Thank you for what you have done.
Yes, I can’t agree more. Just like the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, if the basics of life, such as physiological needs, safety needs and love and belongings needs, can not be met, people are not interested in doing other things. We are happy that we can do something for them.

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