48 volt LiFePO4 Battery, Pre-Built with BMS, , Gyll from Signature Solar

This is from Signature Solar. It comes 12V, 400ah 24V 200ah and 48 V, 100ah. I want to buy the best back up energy for my Bluetti Ac200P and my Ep500pro.

Which one do you suggest 12v or 48 volt to buy Is it possible to hook into the Bluetti system without and inverter for increased battery life?

I am a little new at this and I am learning as I go. I just feel the battery in the AC200P wont last long in many instances and the EP500Pro I would like to last twice as long.

Thanks for your help and education.

These will be available to pre order tomorrow. They have been sold out.

Listening to Tony I seem to need the 48V unit because I need minimum 35 volts to charge the AC200P. Probably goes for the EP500pro too.

Yes, you would need the 48 volt unit because of the 35 volt minimum. It should provide around 600 watts charging/passthru power.

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Thank you Paul. Thats what I thought.