31-33 °C temperature on EB3A case and fan noise IN IDLE

Only Power IN pluugged, no any other stuff plgged in
UPC mode activatetd atomatically

Temperature on case is 31-33 °C, inside i guess 45-50°C, as e reuslt sometime fan became active and make less noise
Is it actually ok?

Hi @soo, this is normal and happens on my unit as well where the internal fan turns on every 30 minutes or so. This is because the UPS pass through feature does requires internal circuitry to work which generates heat and thus activates the fan every now and then. You cannot turn off the EB3A when plugged into the Grid with UPS on - you’d have to unplug the AC input and then long-press any button for several seconds.

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Hi @soo , EB3A will be more likely to heat up compared to other models. You can refer to @bxm6306 's suggestion