30 ft Extension Cord for AC30

I bought this 30 ft extension cord for my AC30.

It must be wrong because when I plug my short solar panel cords into the ac30, it starts charging, but when I hook up the extension, the display does not come on.

This is my panel:

Anybody have any suggestions?

Thank you sincerely in advance.

Voltage drop? It says theses are only thin 16 gauge wire. I’m using 4 gauge solar panel cables.

Most likely the when you plug the extension cable into the orginal cable, they are not snapping fully together due to a compatiblility issue. Simple to fix though. Take the female end of the 30’ extension cable and trim approx. 1/8" off the extreme end of the round black plastic housing. This will allow the cable to seat deeper and make a connection. You can do this with a sharp knife by going around the outer end a little at a time until the cable seats in the the original cord.

Scott, you’re right. That sounds like exactly what the issue is. The top is just a bit too long to get a good connection. I’m going to sleep on trying it. I may just send the cord to my brother who said he wanted to buy it if it wasn’t right for me, he already has one just like it.

Thank you very much for responding, I sincerely appreciate it!

Thank you Solar2go! I appreciate your input.
I’m looking into this!!

Thank you again!

I bought the same cable about a year ago and had to trim the end. It works fine and is easy to do

4 ga cables would be incredible overkill for the low current and voltage that is moving through these wires. 16 ga. cable is fine for this purpose.

Thank you! You are the best Scott, really!

Any particular 30 foot extension you recommend?

I have not found an extension that snaps directly onto the Jacorey unit without having to trim the end. But it is not hard at all the trim the cable end

Wahoooo! Cutting an 1/8 inch off the end of the female part of the cable worked like a charm. The rubber/plastic was easy to cut. Thank you every one, including my brother who helped me find the perfect extension cord!

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