30 amp charging cable

I just searched Google for “bluetti rewards” to find that page since I couldn’t remember how I got to it (I signed up for their newsletter and it might have been in one of the resulting emails?). I had a point for every dollar I spent, so your AC300s/B300s/Fusion are almost certainly not there. The FAQ on that page I linked says you might be able to contact support to get older purchases credited - I didn’t have to do that and I ordered the same bundle as you on October 31, 2021.

Yeah I ordered mine Sept 23, 2021. I don’t see my points. I emailed service @bluetti asking Winnie to check. I sent them a screenshot of my account and order numbers. Everything was purchased through them not eBay or Amazon.

Funny you had to google for the link and it is not on their get rewards page.

Seems that the Bluetti cable supplier used the same blue colored Weipu SP29 aviation connectors that I bought directly from Weipu for $32 the pair. My cable construction cost me about $78 just in materials so $99 for the assembled cable is a good purchase.

I did not see my Ac300/b300 bundle points/Bluetti bucks on the Get Rewards from BLUETTI page.

I had to email Bluetti Service with my account and they said it was not automatically updated so they registered my original purchase and told me to have patience as it takes time for it to happen. Surprisingly within a day, my over 6000 points were updated there. This was what I had to do as I did not know how to get and apply the $50 credit.

Sign in and I went to the rewards page, the blue tab mentioned and there I chose and redeemed the level of credit I wanted. $20 or $50. I redeemed $50. Confirmed the redeeming and I got a $50 gift card and its code in an email.
I went and purchased the Split phase charge cable for $99, $104.xx after tax. I applied the code to the discount field and the balance dropped to $54.xx. I concluded the purchase and paid the balance with a credit card. It is on order waiting for fulfillment. New order number shows up on my account page.