3- SP120 panels not charging AC200P

I’m getting 55 input volts, but no current or power. It’s connected right so I’m lost on what to do.
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You most likely do not have “PV” selected in the settings screen. You are problem getting an error code showing over voltage for car charge setting as well.


Initially it was on car, then I switched it to PV

I had the same problem, voltage but no current. I found one of the connections was barely touching so I unplug it and clean the connectors and put it back together, so now it is working great.

Was it one of the connections from the panels or the connector to the generator input? They seemed to all be clicked in, but it makes sense. It’s paralleled in right so I’m feeling lost ha

If you connected your panels in parallel you would not be getting 55 volts it would be the voltage of a single panel. If connected in series, you should see around 55 volts. I would unstap and re-connect each connector and then double check again that you are set to PV and see what happens.