2x Bluetti EP600 + 6x Bluetti battery packs

Recently purchased 2x EP600 with 6 BP500, cant find any information how to reach 12000w output.

How should it be wired correctly to output 4kW per phase?


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Hi Yaroslav,
The 4kW per phase output you mentioned has already been realized, but the circumstances of grid-tied and off-grid use are different.
Are you using the EP600 on-grid or off-grid?
If it’s convenient, could you let me know your order number so our team can contact you for a faster response?


Now that is an interesting question “grid-tied or off-grid”?
According to my latest information, “off-grid” only works with 2x B500 and not with several. The questioner uses 6x B500, so only “grid-tied” would be possible, right?
Or is there news or an update that “off-grid” is now also possible with 6x B500 (or even 8x)?

Hi, I bought it locally in Ukraine.

Off-grid usage during power outages.

EP600 can be connected to 4×B500s in both off-grid and on-grid.
But if you connect 2×EP600 + 4×B500s under off-grid conditions, you need to use one connection cable.

Thanks for the explanation.
If it’s an off-grid scenario, you need a special connection cable to parallel two EP600s.
Could you please let me know your dealer’s name, or a photo of your invoice or receipt so that I can arrange for our European subsidiary colleagues to follow up with you?

So I cannot connect 2x EP600 and 6x B500 together in off-grid scenario? only 4x B500?
Local dealer in Ukraine is Stylus Store, importer Karma Digital LLC.

I can provide serial numbers if needed.
Can you please send me manual for parallel connection of 2x EP600 and part number of parts that im needed and where I can buy them in Europe\USA, through dealer these days it can take month or two to get needed parts since our situation in Ukraine.

Appreciated for any help


I know the connection cable, I already use it.
When we talked about buying a second EP600 with more than 4x B500 last year, we were told that “off-grid” works with exactly 2x EP600 + 2x B500 in one stack.

If I want to use more than 4x B500, only “on-grid” works in parallel (using a connection cable).
I had received the following diagram, with the note that I must NOT connect the two backup lines.

If there are any changes, please let me know.

@Olvrick In both on-gird and off-grid conditions, each EP600 is connected to a maximum of 4 B500s. You can have 2 EP600s, and each EP600 connects to 3 B500s.
The connection cable is currently in stock in Germany, you can directly contact our colleague Eric at Eric.bao@bluetti.de to make a purchase. Thank you for your kind cooperation!

Could you please share this info or source?


PS: is it possible send private message to user?

Hello @Qwerty,

Unfortunately, I have no new information on this.
For the ‘off-grid’ variant, I had received the circuit diagram that I have already inserted above. As of September 2023 was 2x EP600 + 2x B500 in one stack.

Maybe @BLUETTI can post current information here, according to the answer above, 4x B500 per EP600 should now also be possible with ‘off-grid’?

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@SigiKa One EP600 can connect 4 B500 units. The number of connected battery packs is not related to off-grid operation. 1 master to 4 batteries connectivity is a basic function, not a special application scenario.

Based on the EP600 parallel wiring diagram, please refer to the following:

OK, thx, thats the diagram I already using at home.
It is therefore still the case that the two backup lines must remain separate and a separate transfer switch is required for each EP600?
I would prefer it if I could use the max 12kW in one circuit and not two separate circuits.