25amp pinout and photo?

Can anybody post a picture of the 25 amp DC output on their AC200p? I’d like start making connectors while I wait for my delivery.

I don’t understand why companies don’t put details about the power connectors in a power station into the manual.

Here is the connector for either the DC input or the DC 25 amp output. Pin #1 is positive and for the DC 25 amp output the output aviation cable connector is a Male connector and the connector attached to the AC200P is female. If you buy the aviation connector from the amazon link below, the connector is configured with the correct gender to be used when making a 25 amp output cable. If you want to make an Input cable you have to swap the connections inside the housing to change the gender. You can use up to 10 ga. wiring when soldering to the aviation connector.


Wonderful. Thank you.