?25 Amp DC output receptacle on the AC200P

What plug in connector do I need to purchase to use with the 25 Amp DC output receptacle on the AC200P? If I plug my rv into this using the rv 20 amp or 15 amp male plug from it, what adapter do I need to make it work? Also, I don’t understand how I use this to power my system in my rv, since it’s coming from a DC supply from the Bluetti to the cord from my rv. I have a motor home, not a travel trailer. I have two gel cell 12 volt batteries on board. I just need to know what connectors and/or adapters to buy and how to use them from the Bluetti 25 Amp DC output to my motor home? I’m new, if you can tell, at having a rv, a power station, etc. I just want to know what I can use the 25 amp output for and how to do that? Thanks for any info.

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This is the plug you need. Then you wire it into your panel or fuse box. 12V/25A Aviation Plug – Bluetti

Mark, thanks, I just ordered it.

I’m new at all this solar, power station, etc., but slowly learning.

When the power station is connected to the panel or fuse box in this matter do I need to disconnect the rv’s on board battery supply? If so doing that using the switch on the rv, or do I need to install a actual disconnect switch. I have read that the rv’s switch actually doesn’t stop all the power going from the battery, true or not?

Sorry, because of the potential of messing things up due to different setups, I don’t give wiring advice over the internet. Happy to answer basic questions if I can, but I don’t like to advise remotely. Perhaps someone else will chime in. I always advise to get someone local that has experience with incorporating a sogen into an existing system.

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@asfizer when I’m connecting my ac200 to my scamp camper, I can connect 2 different ways…

I wired the 12v/25a output to a 3-way selector switch that then connects to my DC block. The 3-way is also connected to my converter/charger which is tied to my campers battery bank. When I don’t want to have the AC200 charging the house batteries but run all my on-board DC appliances, I simply turn the 3-way switch to turn off the converter/charger.

The 2nd way I can use the AC200, is by simply plugging in my shore power cable to a 30a to 15a adapter and plug it into my AC200. This allows the camper to run as it would if I were hooked up to shore power. (Run both AC/DC appliances but uses more draw due to inverter losses)

With having substantial solar hooked up, (I’ve got 4 portable sp120 panels and 2x180w BougeRV panels ran in series/parallel) I have found that it’s just easier to hook up to the AC200 via the shore line. Either way works amazing but just depends on your needs really.

Hope this helps and feel free to ask any other questions and I’ll do what I can to help. :metal:

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This is good information and really appreciated. I understand the 2nd option it’s the easy way for electrical dummies like me. LOL. I only have three 180 watt Bluetti solar plans that I got with the power station, I haven’t tried them yet. I did buy the connector I needed to re-charge using two of the Bluetti “bucks” by putting one into the solar input. That took the Bluetti from 52% to 100% in an hour or a little less.

Using your first option is what I’d like to be able to do, but being a electrically dummy I’d have to find someone to do those connections for me, I guess. Is that three way switch like the ones I’ve seen used as a kill switch when people change from AGM to lithium? Only it has the extra setting? Yes, that is how I’d like to use my Bluetti mostly, now to understand how to do it to explain to someone more knowledgeable in electric to do it for me.

Thanks again M. Britney,


@asfizer Im right there with you man! Haha before this past year, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, and still am a COMPLETE AMATEUR but am learning day by day. It’s amazing what you can find on YouTube that will literally walk you right thru the steps.

Like @Mark touched base on earlier… giving any sort of advice or opinions on electrical setups can be sketchy cause you can ABSOLUTELY hurt yourself or others if done incorrectly. And your camper setup might totally be different then mine, so please take all of this with a grain of salt and please reach out to someone with experience before doing anything you’re not positively comfortable with!

Here’s a link to a battery disconnect that can be used to switch between the AC200 and a campers “house batteries”. Since the converter/charger is hooked up from the AC fuse box, to then convert/supply power to the 12v fuse box and house batteries, I placed the disconnect/selector switch directly between the 12v fuse box and converter. So input 1 = the converters output, input 2 = the AC200’s 12v/25a output. And then the output on the selector will go to the 12v fuse block.

Ampper 1-2-Both-Off Battery Disconnect Switch, 12-48 V Battery Master Cut Shut Off Isolator Switch (1-2-Both-Off) https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B07PN9CT9H/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_B4VQ4H3ZAVDYNVC4RVP0

I wish they didn’t even have the option for “1+2/Both” as I’ll never want both inputs to be feeding the 12v fuse panel at once. (Not sure if any damage could occur from backfeed or not) so I strictly use it in either OFF, 1 or 2 only.

And I need to add that I have a “master disconnect” switch on my house batteries that I turn off anytime I’m not using them.

Again, your setup might be completely different then mine, so definitely consult with someone if you’re not comfortable.