25 amp cable for 200max

Hello all. I can’t find out how to order the 12v/25amp cable for the 200 max. Can’t seem to find it on their website. Any suggestions? Also, I keep reading that you need “adaptors” to make it useful but I haven’t seen any explanations. I want to run my Viair compressor with alligator clips and probably other higher amperage stuff as well. Any thoughts on that? Thanks for the help.

I just went to the Bluetti site and looked under accessories. It shows the item you want is currently available. I included the link below.

To connect your Viair compressor you will want to install an XT60 connector on your compressor cable. I like to cut the compressor cord and install an XT60 connector set (male on one end of the cut and female on the other) on the power cord. This way you still have full use of the item as it was before and you simply disconnect the XT 60 connectors and plug in the compressor side to the Bluetti 25 amp output cable (XT60 end) and you are ready to go. This all assumes that your compressor uses no more than 25 amps especially at start up under load.