24v outlet no good

anyone find a solution to the cheap outlet connection on the ac300? The connection won’t hold in the truck so I can’t use it to power the fridge. It vibrates loose every time. The dometic 12/24v connection actually has a locking feature but my brand new ac300 and I can’t use the 24v connection as intended.

The 24V cigarette outlet socket on the AC300 is not cheap: it has a nichel plated negative housing and a brass positive terminal on a ceramic insulation. What is cheap is probably your plug with the negative springs that are not holding enough, you should change the plug.
Also, you should be careful about excessive vibrations on the unit, there are methods to slightly counter them.
AC300 is internally resistant to vibrations (zip ties, silicon, robust mounts) but on a long term that could create damages.

I saw a YT video addressing this issue. The guy took out the heavy center spring of the plug and either left it out or replaced it with a lighter one and it stopped it from coming loose. The spring tension was too much and it caused it to keep popping out.

@thadl If you plan on using the ac300 in your setup long term, it might be best to wire up a 12v dc fuse block using the 12v/30a aviation output port on the unit. I do this for my scamp camper and am able to power all my dc appliances this way with ease. Definitely more reliable then trusting those cig ports as well. Keep in mind… these big units do best and are most efficient powering heavier loads… so if you’re just powering your dometic or small 12v loads, might be best to pick up an eb70s,eb55, or even a eb3a for couple hundred bucks, to get the best efficiency for your small draws. They are alot easier to transport around as well! Cheers

Thanks everyone for your responses.

Too late, already have the ac300. Planning on the 12v distribution switch panel, any comments on the 24v vs 12v efficiency I mentioned earlier?

Last, can anyone suggest a quality aircraft connection brand?

Thanks again.