200W 10A panel for EB3A


I have the EB3A and would like to charge it with a 200W solar panel.
The EB3A has the following solar input spec:
Solar Input: 200W Max, VOC 12-28VDC/ 8.5A

The solar panel I am looking at is the Newpowa 200W with the following specs:

  • Max Power Output(W): 200W

  • Voltage MPP Vmp(V): 18.60V

  • Current MPP Imp(A): 10.76A

  • Voltage Open Circuit Voc(V): 21.8V

  • Short Circuit Current Isc(A): 11.47A

    Can I use this solar panel on the EB3A?
    Does the on board MPPT controller down regulate the solar panel current from 10 or 11A to 8.5?

    Other 200W solar panels also show around 10A of current.


I want to solve this problem with AC180.

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If you use the boost converter, solar panel and AC180 together, it will output 160w. When charging only with solar and AC180, the output is 144w. Please provide firmware with input current limit changed to 10A.

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thank you

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I only have the EB3A but the current Firmware is as follows:
ARM v2057.11
DSP v2056.10

yes you can use it your battery will only take 8.5A so you won’t have the 200w but a little less. it is the VOC that must not be exceeded

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@sunpower As long as the VOC of the solar panel is in the range of 12-28V, the solar panel can connect with EB3A.

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Excellent! Thank you @Jeff_bzh

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Perfect! Thank you very much.