200p will not run my gas furnace

I have run the furnace from my Yamaha generator but the AC200p wont…kinda the whole reason I bought it.

Can you provide additional info? Is this a RV furnace? What is the startup draw and running draw from the furnace? Any error codes on the AC200p?

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Thanks for quick response…
House furnace: Goodman 70,000btu, two stage, multi speed
Startup w/ only burners running…363watts 3 amps.
Surge when circulation kicks on…1073 watts
Running…665 watts 5.5 amps
Ac200p fully charged, nothing else plugged in.
No error codes…

Well I agree with you. Sounds like there is no reason why the AC200P should not be able to easily handle the load. I assume maybe your Yamaha was a 2000 watt unit? With no error codes and unable to carry the load, I would suspect the next step is to contact support unless someone on the forum can help. Sorry you are having this trouble.

Thanks…appreciate ur help.

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Hi @Taxman,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
According to the info you provided, AC200P should be no problem to run it. Could you please provide a video showing the problem?

You might be having a problem with the furnace wanting a grounded power source. You may be able to get one of these, plug it into any of the AC200 power outlets and connect your furnace to any of the other available outlets.


Thanks. I was just reading about bonded neutrals and open neutrals. Seems the Bluetti is open and furnaces want a bonded to work. I’ve got a plug for that so I’ll try it. Thanks for getting back to me. I’ll let you know if it works.

I have totally seen that happen, but for a Tesla mobile charger. Needs neutral bonded to ground or it won’t work, but at least it tells you that’s the reason why so you won’t be guessing.

Got it!
Using a bonded neutral to ground, handmade plug…plugged into a power strip…and furnace plugged into same power strip…and power strip plugged into Bluetti…the furnace was happy n runs sweet…
Thanks to the “community” for your quick responses…


Good to hear you got it working. I had the same issue on a large home in Utah several years back and did not know anything about the bonded nuetral issue then and never did get my built in inverter able to run my furnace. If only I knew then what I know now :grinning:


Ricksdiy on YouTube…shows how to make a bonded plug.

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