200P AC shutting off

I have a 200P connected to and being recharged by about 500w of solar I have my small motor home connect to the AC port. If my solar charges the unit to 100 percent the AC on the Bluetti turns off and I have to manually turn it back on. I have not actually seen it happen but I believe my motorhome AC draw is very low as I have almost nothing on in the motorhome probably just house battery charging. I need the AC to stay on. After this happens and I turn the AC back on manually it draws about 325 watts for a time then goes down. Thanks for any input.

Hi Mthurma,

Thank you for contacting us.
Do you mean the AC output needs to turn on manually after you charge the unit with AC input or solar input? If your question is what I said, the answer is no matter how you charge the unit, the AC output must turn on manually.
If I misunderstand your question, please tell me.

The ac output is on but if I do not have a very big AC draw it shuts off and then has to be manually turned back on. I have seen where others have had this same issue. I will try turning off eco mode and see if that helps. Thanks


Yea sounds like you have ECO MODE turned on.

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