200MAX vs. 200P

I recently purchase a 200MAX. I already own a 200P. With 840 watts of solar input (4X210 Watts) I get 46.9 volts 7.6 amps and 356 watts into my 200P. With the same input to the 200MAX I get 55.7 volts but only 96 watts. Again, that is 356 watts input with the 200P, but only 96 with the 200MAX. Why is the 200MAX not taking in the same watts as the 200P?

I don’t have either so I can only speculate from experience with other MPPT and battery packs.

How are your 4x210w panels wired? All in series (4S) Or in a 2P2S setup?

The 200max can accept up to 150V at 15A of input current, so as long as you are not paralleling all of them (4P), they should not be limited in current.

Did you make sure the 200Max input is set to PV mode?

I checked the DC input and it is set to “other”. However, the PV option will not light up when I push it.

Matthew (Snowstorm)
I push the PV button multiple times and it finally came on. Thank You, it looks like the problem is solved.

Great! Glad it worked out. I ordered the AC300 but it won’t ship for a while.