200MAX Running LG 235w Solar panel

Just ordered 200Max already have a LG 235w Solar Panel inside my unit ( prob move outside later )
Checked voltage on panel in situ ( inside ) just to see what its getting and reading varies between 26.7 - 33.2 + volts . [ cloudy / sunny ]

Looking at getting 2nd LG panel 330 - 400w panel later on .
But before i do will my 235w lg be enough to just charge 200max with unit on from 8.30 - 4.00 .

Using it on light stuff for now laptop , Monitor various usb devices and led lights etc

this is all new to me at moment .

yes having LG Panels outside best optimal method just seeing if my sky lighted unit will suffice now .

Any advise will help thanks.

My advise is to try what you have and see how it fits your situation and location. You will get highest production out of your panel at solar noon assuming it is facing south (I am assuming you live in North America) and the angle is appropriate for the season (I think around 35 degrees is good for summer give or take depending on where you live). There is a high overhead for the AC200max because of the powerful inverter. Plan on 15-20% of your battery capacity to go toward overhead. If you get 2-3 cloudy or rainy days in a row, that one panel won’t do much, in my experience.
Also, when it comes to panels, try to get a second that is close to the other in terms of rated output (VOC and amps). This is a great resource on the topic of mixing panels, Mixing solar panels – Dos and Don’ts • SOLAR POWER SECRETS
If one panel’s output exceeds the other, the lesser panel will limit the greater.
Set the panel up outside at the proper angle and orientation and it’ll perform well as long as there are no defects in the panel.
Have fun.

Thank You for reply back & advise .
In Uk , Kent so the sunnier part of Uk as such .
Package arrives on wed or thurs so will see how it goes and next plan of action etc

Think i skimmed through that site you mentioned a while back

Update :

Unit Arrived connected up showed input signal receiving but no Solar power being generated …….

Place panel outside not angled exactly or correct position ( will do later ) and got 156 Watt and slowly charging unit up with Radio and a usb device connected up also .

So Yes got it working :slight_smile:

Will need more time & possible another Panel later on and tweaking , while adding more Electical components .

Sounds about right. On a clear day my panels will produce 98-107% of their rated output around solar noon. And they’re about 20 degrees from facing directly south at about a 35 degree angle. So I could technically have them better oriented, but how I have them set up works. Do what you can to get the panel oriented toward the sun, but don’t break your back or your wallet to get it perfect… If you don’t have one already, get a good extension cable with MC-4 connectors at the end, something like this (https://store.santansolar.com/product/pair-of-solar-panel-extension-cable-mc4-10-awg-pv-wire-ul-4703-2-5-ft-to-100-ft/). That way your box (solar generator) doesn’t have to be sitting right by your panel/panels.

Max i have obtained is 204 watt so far ……

Funny i just purchased some extension cables
Only thing i have found is using Bluetooth App for some odd reason the Bluetooth Range is not far using my phone .

Does anyone know what Bluetooth version the 200 Max uses ?