200L owners question...has anyone checked to see if the 48 volt 8 amp output is working?

My 200L is on order, and I have a need for the 48 volt output. has anyone put a multimeter to the port to see if it is actually hot? has anyone researched what male plug works on that port?

thanks for any info you can share with me…


@mnovotny Hey Marty!! The D40 accessory for the AC200L and that 48v DC plug hasnt yet been released or made available for further testing as far as I know… BUT… we do know that (at least with the “beta” units that some received…) the output plug is a 3 pin M19 self-locking connector. I found some on Aliexpress and did attempt to make a cable to try having some fun of my own until the final d40 gets released… and found that it does in fact output the native voltage of the unit which is pretty exciting! BUT… once a load is applied to it, it drops the voltage down to like 4-5volts or something…

This leads me to believe that the 3rd pin is a data/connectivity cable of some sort that will in fact require the D40 to work properly… I am totally guessing here… but I think that the delay with the release of the D40 might be due to all this and I think that Bluetti is changing this up so that the output can be utilized without the absolute need of the D40… We shall see tho?

Nevertheless… I personally am pretty excited about this “48v” output and believe its going to be the source of some EXTREMELY efficient DC output numbers once its all dialed in! :metal:

For curious minds… this is a link to the CURRENT M19 3-Pin connector… (Keep in mind tho what I said before about my unit being a beta unit and not positive or not if this will be the case for the final units.)


Thanks for all the details… looking forward to my 200L. You’ve given me a lot more to ponder. Too bad the D40 isn’t available yet. Hard to wait when the wheels of creativity are turning…


I knew this D40 wasn’t available when I ordered the 200L I could have gotten by with the 200max with its 30amp 12 volt output, but there’s so many upgrades on the 200L that I had to make the leap.

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Im with you 100% @mnovotny and the AC200L definitely is an upgrade in my book. And again this could be complete speculation… but I also heard that they were working on a way to allow the 48v output to be utilized without the D40… If this is the case… people who need a native high amp 12v or 24v output, could easily wire up a cheapo buck converter. But when we hear any more details, I will absolutely pass them along! :slight_smile:


Hi! Thanks for feeding our curious minds! I just wondering if you use a converter / regulator? I am gonna try the connector with a 48v to 12 v fix but amp to 30A… and see what I get…

that was my intent too… please let us all know what you find out? I was thinking something like this…

@BLUETTI …any chance you could share some info regarding the reason that the D40 unit is not available yet?

Due to production capacity and logistics delays, I still haven’t received an exact date for the arrival of the D40. The logistics department head said that the mass-produced version of the D40 may not arrive until the end of January. :worried:
Once I have any information about the arrival, I will let you all know.


Hi! any news about the release day for the D40???

Last word was maybe April. None of the accessories listed in the AC200L manual are available, not just the D40. There seems to be a disconnect with releasing a new model and having cables / accessories available. After they become available. they are in very limited qty and frequently out of stock. New models are then produced which makes the older model obsolete with not much incentive to make accessories for an older model. My recommendation would be to hold off on purchasing a new model if an accessory is required for your use and then wait and order the power station when the accessory is available. That will avoid unknown availability of the accessories and not being to know with any accuracy when an accessory would be available for purchase.

I am still waiting on the D40 and 48V cable. This situation is really frustrating.

Looks like the d40 is available on this site, if you are in Europe.

Well, that makes a bad situation even worse if the D40 is indeed available through that site. If true, then it means that there is product available and not shipped to the US in any qty or communicated what the issue is.

Scott, FYI as of this morning I see that the D40 is available in the USA

Interesting how an issue that caused bad feelings like the D40 was not communicated when the issue was resolved by having the unit now in stock available for sale.