200 Max T-500 charger question

My 200 Max when I received it the AC charger would shut off at full charge. The charger will not shut off now unless it is unplugged, very annoying. I reported the problem to support and they sent me a new charger, same result. Am I missing something, strange to have two units do the same thing, but I know the charger always shut off at 100%.

The charger always stays on until unplugged. The AC200Max will not accept any my more charge after it reaches 100% state of charge.


Thanks for the response, I was sure the charger shut off and Bluetti support agreed and sent me another charger. Seems strange, but If that’s the case I will accept that. Thanks

The fan staying on the entire time the charger is plugged in can be noisy but is normal. Not sure why you were sent a replacement for a product that was performing as intended but now you have two chargers I suppose. There is an older version called the T400 which outputs 100 fewer watts but has no fan. Some users prefer it due to the quieter (but higher) operstion.

As mentioned by others, the fan continues to run even when the unit is fully charged. The light is red when it is actually charging and turns to green when it’s not charging and is just spinning its fan.

Thanks for the responses, I will not leave home with the unit plugged in.

FYI, if you have the need to be able to charge it while you are away, then you could use a wifi-based smart plug to turn the charger on or off as needed, and even schedule it with some of these devices.

@JGrice The T500 will always run unless you unplug it from the mains.