2 way DC Switch to charge SoGEN, or to charge battery, from incoming PV line

Looking for a DC-rated 2 way switch that can direct my incoming solar lines to either; the SCC on my AC200max, or to a separate SCC connected to my battery.

I have seen switches on boats and RVs that controlled whether battery 1 or battery 2 is being used. Some even allowed both at the same time. I have seen these switches at rural king and auto parts stores. They are normally used to crank an engine so they should handle the load, but be sure and check the ratings on them prior to use. I imagine they are rated high enough to be overkill for a sogen.


Thank you. Yes, but those are to switch between two different sources into one output. I I have one input source that I want to switch between two different outputs. I don’t know if I could wire it backwards and have it work. Safeway that is.

I believe they are just physical contacts, no diode (only allows electricity to flow in 1 direction) involved. Might be worth checking into.

Thanks Bvr! I’ve written to them to ask.