2 LifePo4 batteries to my EB3A - let me know why this will massively fail?

Saw a video where a guy:

  1. Had solar panels on roof
  2. Ran them down to a simple charge controller ( EPEVER MPPT (SCC) 60A 12/24V/36/48V Controller), with an inline fuse
  3. Connected the SCC to one Lifepo4 24v/150ah battery, that was in turn chained to a second (exact same) battery
  4. Inline fuse
  5. Battery connected to EB3A by stripping one end of wire and attaching a DC7909 connector (the cord that plugs into the Bluetti)

Each battery has 3,600w + 600w from unit - 7,800w potential.
For me, that would mean a nightly drain (14hr) of 500w+ per hour. Still under the EB3A 600w output limit.

The EB3a even with expansion battery would max out at 1,400w. If I went for a bigger bank and tried to get 7,800w would be crazy pricey.

I have the panels, so this setup could be put together (with cables, controller, batteries) for $900.

Why would this NOT work?


The EB3A can only input 200W through the DC7909 connector as its limited to 25v 8a. So if your AC output is 500w the unit would shut down in about an hour when the internal battery is depleted.

Great point. Okay, So I would need a bigger Bluetti that can draw more than 200W.

Yep, something like the AC70 or AC180 can input 500w DC if that’s enough for your needs.