2 300 Watt Grape Solar Panels

Does it matter how I hook my 2 x 300 watt Grape Solar panels to my Bluetti? I believe I have them hooked up parallel right now, and the highest charge I have seen is about 250 watts, so I thought maybe I have them hooked up wrong?

Any help is greatly appreciated because I am new to this.

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You will get more watts in series, probably around 450 on a decent day. With my panels in series I typically get around 75% of the advertised wattage.

Which Bluetti are you trying to charge?
What is the Voc and Isc of thr panels? Typically you want to get close to but not exceed on voltage, so serial is usually preferred. But if serial voltage (sum) is >95% of Voc max for the Bluetti unit, then you must connect in parallel or you may damage the unit. When in parallel, the current adds, and you may exceed the max current of Bluetti, which won’t cause damage but you just won’t get max power.

Note that a 300max panel would likely generate around 200-250w on a good day. To get 300w, you will need equatorial sun on a clear day with sub-artic temperatures.

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He posted in the AC200P thread so he should have plenty of voltage (150) to work with.

I attached the section of the manual that I think has what you asked about?

Model is the AC200 Portable Power Station

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That must be why I am only getting around 250 max. I need to hook in series then:)