170w BougeRV Solar Panel Charging on my Bluetti AC200p

As of August 22nd we received our Bluetti AC200p and connected 2 170w BougeRV Solar Panels in series.

The Panel Input indicated “47w” , 0.00 charge, 0.00 input. What am I doing wrong., here? it’s not charging the Bluetti at all.

Now we DO get a readout that shows the AC outputs and the AC input (455w) when it is plugged into an AC wall source.

The ac200 needs an input to be between 35-150v… your 2 bougerv panels should have no problem meeting that minimum requirement and as I have the same panels, can confirm that they will work for the ac200 IF the panels are getting adequate sun and are connected properly in series.

Have you made sure you have selected the proper charging source? (NOT Car mode) And make sure connections are secure between the panels and the unit.

Hopefully you just have it on the wrong input source but let us know if that doesn’t work. Next thing I would suggest if completely charging the unit via AC to 100%. And then do a complete discharge to sort of “reset” the unit.

Much appreciated. I will make sure I have set that DC input to Panels and not the car by going into the settings button and then selecting Panels (not Car mode) on that screen. Very Helpful. and timely.
Thank you m.briney

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