15 amp 12 volt output capability

Hello All. I’m not sure where to post this question - sorry if it’s in the wrong place. A friend of mine has a truck windshield heater with a 12 volt connector that draws a maximum of 13 amps. I have an EB3 and an AC200P but I’m not sure what he should be using. He needs something as small and light as possible but has to be able to draw 13 amps. The AC200P would be way to heavy for him. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John.

13 amps X 12 Volts = 156 Watts. He’ll need a unit that can supply at least that many Watts. 200 Watts should give a bit of a safety factor. Also factor in how long the unit will be running and the Watt-Hour capacity of the unit.