12V output connector?

Forgive my ignorance, but the 12V output on our AC300 is NOT the typical open hole but something that looks like it should have 2 pins. Is this a common connector? We assumed when ordering the 12V outlet would be the cigarette lighter type connector and can’t run several things we’d hoped to run without running it through AC and then converting it BACK to DC via the product’s charging brick.

In contrast, the 12V output on the B300 seems like it would receive the standard cigarette lighter type charger.

What am I missing?


There are two DC ouputs on the AC300. One is a “24” volt car socket output which is useful for running DC fridges. (DO NOT CONNECT any device that requires 12 volts only to this port) The other is a 12 volt 30 amp high output aviation cable port (RV) used for powering 12 volt devices which require a large amount of power. This cable can be converted at its end to a common 12 volt car socket. Since you have to have the B300 connected in order for the AC300 to operate, the battery functions as the 12 volt “std” car socket output. This gives you three options for your devices


thanks so much for that info. Still learning so much about it!