12v cigarette socket not deep enough for my 12v refrigerator

I have the ac200. I have a 12v Alpicool refrigerator and the Bluetti 12v cigarette socket is not deep enough to keep the refrigerator plug in place. It keeps popping out. I had no problem when this refrigerator was plugged into my old Goal Zero Yeti 1250 and I works fine when I plug it directly into my car’s cigarette socket. I bought a 12v extension cord from amazon to plug the refrigerator cord into that and then putting the extension cord into the Bluetti to see if that would work and the extension cord also pops back out. Please let me know what I can do. I bought the Bluetti to use in my campervan but right now I am not able to run the refrigertator off of it.

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Pops out? Or do you mean comes out a little bit and loses connection?

Using a cigarette lighter port for an electrical connection is probably one of the worst inventions ever since it relies on a spring in the tip of the plug to maintain contact and that very spring is trying to push the plug out of the socket. If the springs on the side of the plug aren’t strong enough to hold the plug in place it just amplifies the problem. Adding vibration from a moving vehicle just makes it worse.

In my experience the best plugs are the ones with a fairly weak spring at the tip and strong springs on the sides. An Amazon extension cord I have has a very stiff spring tip on it and I’ve noticed it pushes itself out of my AC200P while other weaker tip plugs don’t.

On some sockets I’ve noticed how you orientate the plugs side springs can make a difference. If the plug feels loose rotate it 90 degrees and see if that helps.

There’s lots of replacement plugs on the market, maybe you can find one that works for you.

put some velro around the male plug ,just where it goes in about 3/4 way in. IT will make grasp better.

Hi there,

Could you please provide a photo of such case so that we can help you further. and is the car charging cable you used buying from Bluetti?

If you really want to improve the fridge power system there is a way. Use the 25 amp, 12 VDC output port on the AC200. You will need the aviation output port cable and then buy a spare fridge power cable, cut the lighter plug off then end of it and connect an XT60 connector in its place. This will give you a much better connection and it will not lose connection. Much better overall.

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What does the input look like? Is it a barrel plug or Anderson? You can get adapters. As Scott suggested get the aviation to XT60 and XT60 to Anderson that Bluetti sells. With that, you can buy an adapter, either XT60 to (whatever your input is) or Anderson.

Aviation to XT60 Xt60 to Anderson

DC7909 to Anderson

Nothing to add to the topic except to say that you guys are EXCELLENT! This forum has answered all of my questions and solved all of my problems regarding solar and my Bluetti solar generators.

Thanks very much.

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I’m sorry but I don’t know how or feel comfortable cutting lines and connecting stuff together.


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What is the make/model of the fridge?

This might work as a replacement. You can always return it to Amazon if it doesn’t work.


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Yea I’ve heard of people having issues with that plug unfortunately. That red piece on the end that kind of “springs” tends to pop out of the unit from time to time. I would go and try the one @SoulGen recommended up above.

I’m having this exact same problem. I had zero issues with my fridge plug using a much cheaper battery pack. I’ve tried multiple plugs in the cigarette outlet and none of them fit securely. This thing was really expensive. I’m not happy.

Bluetti, I’ve now seen multiple reports of this and it will likely be a show stopper for many people. I myself may opt for the also excellent Ecoflow Delta 2 for this reason. Do you have a solution for this?