12v/30 aviation outlet

Looking to get the cable for the aviation 12v/30 outlet. Understand that it will not be available till june anyone have any ideas on how to get one or make one?

@Tomtom Here’s a thread with some listed links to how you can make your own…

@Tomtom Just make sure you get the “WEIPU” brand SA20 2-pin aviation plug as the other branded ones will not plug into the AC200 models

Thanks . I have the bluetti max do you think that the aviation plug on that model would be the same as the 200?

I ordered one .guessed they probably use the same connector. Thanks for your advice.

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Yes, The AC200Max uses the same WEIPU SA20 2-pin aviation plug.

I ordered it. Coming from China i see. Should be interesting how long it takes with all the problems we are having.

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Not al Weipun SA2 plugs are the same. They also have indentations at various locations on the round plug side. I had a couple from China that had those at the wrong location, so I just ordered the official ones from Bluetti in the end.

Mine came in this week. Same problem will not fit. Will order one from bluetti.