12V 2221 Output Not accualy 12V

Ecoflow claims there DC power is 12,6V it and its about 12,6V
ALLWEI says its 12,8-16,5 and its depending on charge it is

Bluetti says its 12V but it’s actually 13,5V. Why?

Why not put the right number in the box, and in the manual?

@bernad The output voltage is increased to accommodate more loads. 12V is just a standard gear, the actual 13.5V is to prevent the voltage from being pulled down when loading, causing the load to trigger under-voltage protection.


That actually make a lot of sense. None of the “12V” Outputs are actual 12V deliever stable 12V. But they are designed to run 12V devices. Thats why they called like this

And Why is it not label it 13,5V? the competitors? The competitors label there outputs with the actual voltage.

Over Voting loads might be fine for Car parts but 2211 is not a car standard.

2211 plugs get used to power Modem. router and all sorts of potentially sensitive electronic.
(never saw any quality power supply labeled 12V and that outputted 13,5V)

I don’t think Bluetti can be held responsible for damaged electronics caused by over voltage?
So the very least should be a warning and the true voltage in the manual and specifications.

12 volts is an industry standard term for the battery’s nominal voltage. 12 volt car circuits commonly operate from 13.5 to 14.3 volts. If you measure any std. household battery (AAA,AA,C,D etc) none of them are the actual printed voltage but somewhat higher unless dead)

The actual voltage output will also depend on the load being pulled. The higher the load, the lower the voltage will be so picking a voltage to display would be a shot in the dark unless you knew the exact amperage of the load being used.

But i’m not measuring the battery voltage?

If i have normal 5V power bank it’s output is 5V regardless of stat of charge or current drawn (as long as it works properly and i don’t draw more current then it can deliver)

That’s what voltage regulators are for…
The 12V from my PC power supply is always 12V no matter if my CPU and GPU are pulling 800W or 10W

Then why not say the range.

The same reason we call 9 volt batteries 9 volt. We don’t label them a 8.77 to 10.23 volts.

First of all the output is not from a battery. its not corresponding to stat of charge.

And for a battery you get the exact number: