12 volt bluetti charger adapter

anybody ever use one?

Yes, you will get approx. 100 watts of charging rate from a fully charged lead acid battery. Works the same as the car charge cord but with a diff connector on the vehicle side.

I used one of these to test charging my EB240 with a lead acid battery using a D050S charging enhancer in between. I was pulling about 95 watts into the EB240 for charging with about 11.7 volts out of the lead acid battery while discharging.

So about a hundred watts then?

thanks-might be good for lifepo4 battery too-to hold -ac or sun panel power for extra reserve power.Got one in mail friday 12 30 21 made 90xt f to 60xt m adapter

for my eb55 ,got 70 watts off lead acid car battery,

I have a AC300 Bluetti Generator, can i use this cord to pull power from a car battery?

What is the DC input voltage range for the AC300 and and I can answer that.