110 volt ac/Bluetti connection

I have a 30 amp ac connection on my trailer leading to the distribution panel buss bar that I also have a common connection to from the AC 200 outlet for 110 AC. When on shore power I have been removing the cord from the AC 200 to prevent back feed from buss bar since the inverter is off then. If I leave the plug from the AC 200 in place is there any possibility of damage to the unit from the back feed from common connection on buss bar shared with shore power?

Yes! Never connect two AC sources together unless they are known to work together. The phase of the wave form won’t match and they will fight and the AC200 inverter is going to loss in a bad way. It may be OK if the AC200 AC output is off, but that is one button press away from disaster.

You can consider using a transfer switch that connects one circuit at a time, or a interlock on a breaker that only allows one breaker to be on at a time, or follow plug/unplug process very carefully.

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Kinda thought that was the case. I do not have that situation very often so I just disconnect AC 200 output plug that is common to shore power buss bar when on shore power. Thanks for the feedback.

When you diconnect the cord going to the AC200 and the 30 amp trailer shore power cord is connected to external 120V AC, are the prongs of your cord going to the AC200 live? If so this would be a dangerous situation and I would strongly suggest an interlock switch so that only one power source could be live a time.

No I just remove the plug at the AC 200 and cover the make prongs that are live if connected to shore power and plug the cord into a hollowed out multi plug so the line is live then but terminated in a dead end female multi plug. Seems to work since I am usually on shore power or Bluetti inverter for extended periods of time.