100 watt Renogy Eclipse solar panels used with AC300

Hi Everyone
still learning here, I chose Renogy Eclipse 100 watt solar panels for my ac300… I purchased and connected 5 of them.It turns out according to the volts I’m only able to connect 14 solar panels to stay under 150 volts x 2. this would only be 1400 watts? did i choose the wrong solar panels for this system? or can the solar panels be connected in such a way that I’m able to maximize the pv input on the AC300. also what size gauge of cable should be used? thank you for your time!

Hi @bluetti_onenayshunhotmailcom
as far as i can see the AC300 does have two MPPT with each 150V and max 12A (2x 1200W max)

Since i cant find any data related to the renogy panels. What VOC Voltage they have and what max current?

i would prefer series over paralel connection.

If you say you only can connect four of the panels until you reached 150V, just connect you fith panel the the second MPPT. This only makes sense, if the voltage of the single panel is way above 12V.