100% to 35%

With AC and DC turned off and nothing plugged in, my AC200MAX has dropped from 100% to 35% some time between 6pm and 9pm. I typically charge with solar. This is a recent issue. Attached is the Product Information and two screen captures.

Engineer has pushed a new firmware version to your machine, please update it in time.
(Login to your account and connect your device with Bluetooth to update.)

After the update, perform two full charge/discharge cycles to see if the problem has improved.

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The firmware update instantly fixed the issue without needing to charge and discharge. Thanks!

Hi Bluetti.

I have exactly the same issue.
My AC200 MAX will drop from 100% to 35% SOC, even if completely powered off and disconncted from Solar and any loads.

S/N: AC200M2217000740740
ARM v4008.03
DSP v4005.07
BMS v1017.02

Can you push the latest firmware to me?


@Maxik Received. You are expected to receive a push notification of the firmware update within 5 hours.
Please keep an eye on the app and keep it updated at that time, thank you!