1 small solar panel, charging AC200P through "Car" mode?

I charge my AC200P primarily using the brick, powered by an inverter as I travel. However, when stationary, I would like to ‘trickle’ charge using a small foldable solar panel. Of course, it would take 3 or more to get to the minimum 35 volts. Can I just switch the input to ‘car’ mode and use 1 small solar panel to trickle charge when stationary?

If the panel generates below 15 VDC, then you can use it to charge the AC200P in “Car” mode.

You could also purchase the DO50S and use it to connect your single solar panel to the ac charging brick input. As Ray said, you can charge with a single panel as long as it the panel outputs voltage which mimics either a 12 volt or a 24 volt battery. The voltage ranges are listed in the manual specs which I don’t have access to at this moment.

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Thank you!
Interesting: the DO50S can power that 400w charging brick? I need to investigate that option.

I realize it will be painfully slowwww charging that size battery directly with just one 12v panel. Due to personal preference however, I don’t want a solar array on my roof. When I ‘stay put’ for a few days, I don’t want to idle the engine to replenish… if I can passively, trickle charge for several hours, with conservative use, maybe we can get enough power to sustain us until we move on.

The DO50S does not “power the 400 W charging brick”, but simply uses the charging brick input port to connect the DO50S to as well. The DO50S raises the input voltage of your solar panel to 58.5 volts which mimics the voltage of the charging brick. You will not receive any more watts from the solar panel by connecting it to the DO50S but it will allow you to connect the single panel which you cannot do by connecting your single panel to the std. PV port. (which would normally require a minimum of two or more panels to charge)