1.3.8 APP seems good (Android)

Battery level at first screen and last time Online for each system is a good idea.
No bug at this time.

Seems when I open the Bluetti app I recieve a pop-up window from the app 1.3.7 telling me to update. When I select the update button it takes me to the Play store and to Bluetti app 1.3.7 guess either its not ready here in the states or another bug.

I had the same problem last night and this morning I got the update.
Maybe a problem with the playstore, wait till tomorrow.

Thanks, on one of the other forums I think I read a similar suggestion. I could always download the 1.3.8.apk file but with all the hacks and password breachs etc, probably not a good idea. I’ll just wait for the play store to offer it.

Anyone else having issues connecting to ac300 on wifi after update to 1.3.8?

Update: seems to be working now. Must have been an issue on my end.