1.3.7 APP not getting updates to 1.3.8

My screen has a popup said new version 1.3.8 is available. Clicked on the box it went to Play Store. It only has 2 options, Uninstall or Open. No update. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the app. It still only installed 1.3.7.

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Google Play Store still shows the current Bluetti App ver 1.3.7

No update. Reason: Weekend in China. Time off for hard workers.

@randychan38 This issue should have been fixed

Thank you Bluetti Admin. My app updated to ver 1.3.8. Just found a problem with this version. In the setting under Standard UPS, the Select UPS is now changed to have Online and Standby options. It doesn’t match the options on the EP500 Display Screen which still have Offline and Online. Also, I tried to change the option on the app from Online to Standby or from Standby to Online. It doesn’t make any changes to the EP500 Setting.

UPDATE: I rebooted EP500 by switching it off and on. Retested the options through both connection methods by Bluetooth and WiFi. The EP500 successfully corresponds to each change (Standby and Online on the App, Offline, and Online on EP500) back and forth. My post above is not an issue anymore. I think the reboot made the trick. Or, my previous test might be inaccurate :-(.

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