006 error code adapter low voltage

I got the 006 adapter low voltage error and it will not clear. What is it please?

It is not an error code, simply an indicator that your adapter is not connected and plugged into a source of power. Plug it in, connect it and the light will go off.

The adapter is plugged in and the unit is being charged but the error light stays on

I am assuming this is the adapter to the solar could it be the power brick connection?

The 006 code is for indicating the AC power brick is not plugged in and connected. Not for the DC input connection which can be solar or car charge or misc. inputs.

I put the panels in series. I now get 76 volts 6 amps and 456 watts input. Not a very big improvement if any. Am I still doing something wrong?

What is the total capacity of all your panels added together and how many watts are you expecting?

4 panels at 180 watts each so 720 watts

I would think that assuming you do not have a single square inch of shading on any portion of any panel, have absolutely totally clear and perfect peak sun, the panels are perfectly aligned both horizontally and vertically that you would receive around 560 watts under those optimum conditions. The reality is that optimum under those circumstances does not happen often. What were the conditions of the mentioned items when you were receiving 456 watts and what is your location?

Thanks guys you have very helpful. I really appreciate it. I am content with the output I am getting. It is now pretty much mid day and I am presently getting 605 watts. Very good I think. Again thank you.

Good to hear you are charging well. 605 watts is doing great with four panels. I think that would make anyone hear proud to get that kind of charge rate. To make it even more fun, when the panels get hot they decrease their output somewhat. Pure clear cold weather will give you the max charge rate.