0.6L 600w Kettle test on a a EB3A

Right when I received my EB3A, I plugged in a 600w 0.6L kettle and tried to boil water. Overload flashed red on the screen as the wattage ramped up to 702, so I turned it off. I learned how to turn on powerlifting mode, and just like that steam shortly started rising through the black vents. After about five minutes, which is the advertised time for this kettle to boil water, the number on the screen dropped from 65% to 41%. With powerlifting mode on, the kettle averaged 500+ watts, but damn my water was boiled and ready to mix with my tea.

I then charged my s22 ultra from low 20s to 85%, pumped up an air mattress at around 75 watts, and tested a box fan. After all that, the EB3A only went down to 31%. The best thing was how fast it was able to charge.

I’m not sure I’ll use this a lot for heating water again, but it’s good to know that this small powerhouse is more than capable, especially in emergency situations. As for the customer service, Bluetti has gone the extra mile when helping me out with a missing car charging cable via Amazon. They sent out a replacement that only took few days.


That’s great, Tom, thanks for sharing your experience with us. I love how small, lightweight, and portable these EB3A’s are. The display is so much better on these than the EB55 or 70S, and I love how the power is built in and you don’t have to lug around a blasted huge brick - those 2 things are the reason why I never bought one of those. I sure hope Bluetti is working on a larger model with the features of the small EB3A.

Thanks for getting back to us with the results of the test. I have an electric kettle too and I use it a lot, I would die without my morning coffee. I’m actually impressed you were able to do all that with the EB3A. (I have an EB55). Glad your happy with your unit.

Which 600W kettle did you use to test with the EB3A?

Looking at your pictures, it looks very similar to this one?

That’s the exact one.

so, using a pair of Bodum kettles, rated at 700w (0.5l) and 1000w (1.0l), able to get each to function using powerlifting, but former settled in at 500w, while latter showed 300w output. didn’t wait for latter to boil. something goofy, either in powerlifting mode, or in display…

That’s pretty darn cool! I wouldn’t have expected that to work that well. Looking forward to some camping trips this fall, EB70S is coming with us along with some panels, so hopefully we’ll have some interesting use-cases as well. Incidentally, I’m now looking at that little kettle, that seems really handy!