Which solar panels for EB240?

Thank you Scott for reaching out to me. As I explained I am not well versed in this. My son and I are both insulin dependent diabetics and rely on insulin to live.(both type 1) No insulin we don’t live. I can not even figure out how to get back to my post on Community forum.

I have watched HOHOTECH on you tube(Massive off grid power station-June, 2020). In his review of EB240 he set it up with 4 Bouge 170RV watt glass Panels and 2 100w renogy glass panels. This is to max the input power during most weather conditions.

He set up 2 sets of - 2 170 and 1 100 in series and then he put both 2 set of series to y series parallel connectors giving 880 watt of solar(on a cloudy day) and ran to the EB240.

He noted that you can not give the EB240 to much power because it will regulate the top end of input to unit. I have 2 PV120 from bluetti and am trying to figure out other panels to use. Not sure I can manage glass panels due to moving them around.

I have kept my unit charged with A/C power - up till now. When I went to order and make sure I had all connectors - realized I did not have MC4 to DC7909 in box from Bluetti. I have kept boxes and all. Just did not realize I was missing it when received the unit back at end of last year. My fault for not doing due diligent.

Just like everyone else I have reached out to them no repsonse. They just put their adapter up on Amazon - just want one for now and one for backup if these will work. They do not show that it is for EB240 and I am not familiar with the units they are stating it is for.

I have 10AWG extention cable for feed from panels to unit. Don’t want to fry system if this connector can not handle the load at the end. I’m in southeast USA. Don’t do any social media of any kind. Was even a little hesitate to get on community feed. But I do need help. This will be set up at home on a deck(1 set facing morning sun and other set facing afternoon sun). I still need to purchase more panels, but can not afford Bluetti prices. Do you have any suggestions for panels for price, reliability, weight, etc.

Just a mom trying to keep my son and myself alive because of temps without refrigeration - all storage of not in use insulin would be lost within 3 weeks(must be kept between 38-48 degrees). I purchased a portable refrigerator also back last year - it is to big I’m afraid. Any suggestions in this area.

I bet you wish you never responded to my post, but I do appreciate you and your assistance. Have spent alot and now realize I am only half way there.

Take a look at the ALLPOWERS 100W foldable panels. I live overseas and was lucky enough to catch them on sale for about 1/3 the price of the Bluetti 120W panels. On Amazon, they are $170 (I paid less because of the sale) vs $300 for the Bluettis. The output Voltages are close enough so you could put them in series or parallel. If I had both, I would put the Bluetti panels in series and the Allpowers in series, and then parallel the two sets. Would cost you $340 vs $600 for two. You could even buy 3 or them for less that 2 Bluettis.

Thanks Ben I will look into it. Do these panels hold up if you leave then out 24/7? I would move them around on deck but not bring in and out if power outage.

I don’t know how well they would hold up compared to the Bluetti panels. It gets very windy and rains a lot where I live, so I would not leave them out. I wouldn’t leave out the Bluetti panels either. Maybe someone else has more experience with portable different models of the portable folding panels. I got the AllPOWERS because they were the best value available where I live and were fairly highly rated.

Thanks for that. Happy 4th