What is the standby consumption of your power unit?

To get an overview of standby consumption of all models.

EP500Pro EU 230V 65 Watt * 24 h = 1560 Watt

Edit: I measured grid charging with a power consumption meter, a full battery and no AC or DC loads on the battery, display off.

so does it mean that the unit needs very decent sunlight to at least say on 24/7 without pulling from the grid?

It depends what you call

But remember the panel rating is only peak and is almost never reached.
Depending on here you live and time of the year its the average power is from a solar panel is ~10%
And maybe 1% in the winter on average…

Also remember the unit needs some amount of minimum power.
EB3A different output for input power - #8 by BLUETTI_CARE

and if the solar power is to low it actually drains the battery.