Warranty offers only 20% refund!?

@lambda Please provide me with the order number and I will check the details with the support.

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It is very common for a wide variety of brands and models to not charge at a decent rate unless you are connected to a 12 volt vehicle running source. In the real world this is about 13.5 to 14.3 volts. A 12 volt battery is also not 12 volts when measured but closer to 13. You need the higher voltage in order to push the electricity to the charging battery. I think your expectations with this (or most units) unit is not in line with the reality.

I don’t have a ruining vehicle nor a led acid Battery i have a Stable 12,5V system from DCDC converter.

Well the claim in in the side, in the manual, in the amazon listing and on the unit the min. input voltage is 12V
I don’t think its unreasonable to expect it to work with 12V.

If Bluetti is publishing the wrong specifications its on them.

Also your action to hide this thread speaks for itself.
Shame on you.

The manual does list 12 volts as the minimum but it does not state your will get the maximum charge rate with the minimum voltage. You will also not get maximum potential charge rates via solar when using lower voltages. Your unit is charging at 12 volts and is operating correctly. If you want increased charge rates, increase your voltage.

If there is any shame to be had, I’m not sure who would bear that burdon. I have no idea what you are referring to regarding “hiding” this thread.

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No of cause not. But it lists MPPT ( maximum power point tracking) with 12-28V and 8,5A
The maximum power point with 12V is of cause is 8,5A = 102W
This is also also Consistent wit the advertised 100W and 3h Charging at 12V

Of cause you don’t get 200W power with 12V. but i don’t expect this and the promotion material is not claiming this.

Why is this done if not out of shame?
If this is all working as expected why not publish it?

If this is normal behavior why not put it in the manual?
Why did it take the customer so long to figure this out?
Why did they tell me to order a different cable to resolve this?
Why did they tell me to wait for a firmware update?

This is your quote from your message one day ago. You were the one who brought it up and now you claim no knowledge.

Also your action to hide this thread speaks for itself.
Shame on you

You clearly will not be satisfied with any answer other than a refund. My opinion is that you do not understand the difference between minimum and optimal conditions. The manuals are translated and at times a little less clear than desired. Your use of a power adapter of unknown wattage output under load was never the intended function for the car charging method. The cable that is referred to is the accessory car charge cable which I assume Bluetti thinks you do not possess which I suppose you do. You have several options:

Connect the charging cord to a device that outputs a voltage and amperage under load that is compatible with maximum charging.

Continue with your current method and be extremely frustrated at purchasing the smallest model and feeling it should perform at optimal charge rate even though not connected to a device capable of providing that.

i not expect optimal conditions. i expect advertised performance
taht clearly is 100W @ 12V

It’s not my responsibility to make clear manuals.

I used Multiple Power Supplies to confirm this. the power supply is not the problem.
It’s delivering stable DC power of 12V

Even the “the smallest model” shuld perform like advertised.
Again i’m not exacting Optimal Charge Rate. i expect Advertised charge rate of ~100W.

If all this is so cleat and normal why not put it in the manual?
Why hide this thred?

@lambda First off… haha I have absolutely no idea why you keep accusing @Scott-Benson of “hiding” the thread or whatever, because it isnt hidden. Productive/constructive posts will NOT be censored on this community forum.

Second… heres a charging graph of the input voltage vs charging wattage for the EB3A unit.

As you can see, the displayed output wattage is going to vary depending on your input voltage. This is how ALL power stations work. If the unit doesnt perform up to your specific needs, then you shouldnt have purchased the EB3A and are in need of an alternative product. Simple as that.

Okay them why is it not viable if your not logged in? and why is it saying

Try it yourself open a private browsing tab an go to the forum.

As you can see the from the graph the unit start to behave like expected and draw the Advertised 100W between 13-14V

Lower Voltage means lower power because the current is supposed to satay constant.

But they advertise:
100W @ 12V would be possible if the unit would pull the specified 8.5A

Taht’s why i want to send it back…

The graph you showed is no ware in the official advertising, manual or documentation.
All the official and public documentation only quote a ~3h charge time a 12V and 100W.

This is worn and even you own graph shows this. I’m not even getting 1/4 of the advertised value. ( in my case i’m only getting <6%)
A Clear case for a warranty.

@lambda did you ever send Bluetti your order number and/or ticket information for them to look into this?


Strange how i cans see newer and older topics but not this one if i’m in a private tab…
And strange how there is a closed eye symbol next to my post tat says the post is unlisted.


Hm… strange how it even says Unlisted…

@lambda Again… Productive and or Constructive posts will not be hidden and/or deleted from the forum. An “unlisted” post is one that either has been remedied, is in the process of being taken care of, or doesn’t follow the standards as mentioned above.

If you have any further productive suggestions, please feel free to send them over to service@bluettipower.com or even give them a call at 1 800-200-2980.

However, I would suspect if you have in fact sent over your order number to bluetti as they kindly asked for, you should be hearing back from them within 24-48 hours. Cheers. :slight_smile:

So Letting other customers know that it only charges a <6% of the advertised speed is not Productive?
Letting them now Customer service is only offering 20% refund is not productive?

Well this was an outspending customer support experience.
I took screenshots and will make sure to tell the story about the Bluetti experience in other Solar and of-grid forums as well as in my amazon review.

Lets se if they find it Productive or Constructive

I’m not a bluetti customer service rep. Perhaps they can assist you further. You can get in touch with them via email at service@bluettipower.com or by phone at 1 800-200-2980

My EB3a charges at a 100 watt rate when I plug it into my “car” charge socket in my vehicle. Perhaps it has something to do with me using my “Car” charge cord and plugging it into my “car” as intended. I’m pretty sure that the above poster is not getting even 12 volts under load during his attempts to charge based on his statement that he is only seeing 6 watts.

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thats nice for you if it works for you.
But its not helping me.