Using AC300 24/7

My understanding is this is precisely what the AC300 and AC500 are designed for. I’m using a very similar setup to you. I have an AC300 + 3 x B300 batteries + Reliance ProTran 6-circuit transfer switch. I’m using both PV inputs, which will supply the max 1200W each during peak daylight hours. The PV array is 12 x Renogy 320W panels. I’ve been using that setup 24/7 for about 6 months now, and it’s been running fine. I’m powering 80% of my home, which consists of all primary living area lights and power circuits, minus the kitchen oven/microwave (50A circuit), HVAC and outdoor electric. One of the circuits supplied by the AC300 is a GFCI, and it’s running fine. All other appliances, including refrigerator and freezers are running on the AC300. I’m located in CA, similar to FL, and my AC300 is located in the garage. The fan will come on periodically, usually when being charged at full 2.4Kw capacity, and the unit never gets more than just slightly warm. My unit is running in PV Priority UPS mode, with the SOC limit set to 20%. With 3 batteries and 4 or more full sun hours per day, this configuration will provide enough power to make a full 24 hour cycle without having to pull power from the grid. I had to add the third battery (9.2Kw total storage) to enable the system to make a full 24 hours. Based upon my research on LiFePO4 batteries, I’m hoping to get approximately 10 years of daily charge/discharge cycles out of them before noticing any apparent degredation problems.

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Heh, that’s asking for trouble. They might decide to raise your rates on a whim. As it is, they charge you more for little things, like owning a dog; cats seem to be okay, even though they are notorious for chewing exposed electric wires. Car insurance companies charge more for red cars and/or if there is a floor shift. It means you’re an aggressive driver.

In your case, because you have the Pro/Tran transfer switch, you are correct that as long as you do not use the outbound AC and inbound AC (charging) at the same time you’ll be fine. If you have a date of Dec 2022, then you have a 2nd Gen AC300.

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Thanks for the confirmation! :+1: