Updated to BMS 1017.03. Two months of use. Questions remain

@BLUETTI_CARE: As I said, the battery was new when I did one set of those tests, and a few months old (broken-in but still new) for the other set. Please read the post…

I would expect my vehicles gas mileage to perform within in specs with a reasonable variance due to differing user scenarios. “What you expect” the idle power consumption to be is only your expectation unless a mfg. specifications specifically state what the idle consumption is in their published specifications. What specific claim regarding Bluetti’s efficiency are you stating is not being met? I have an original AC200 that is two years old and it has always had high idle power consumption and it has always been stated to have high idle power consumption and it works just fine. I understand its limitations and if I want to dig a small hole, I use a small shovel. If I want to dig a bit hole, I use a bigger shovel but I do not complain about the additional energy required with using a bigger shovel because I understand that bigger means more operational energy. By the way, I have several smaller “Bluetti Shovels” that I use when I need lower idle consumption. All portable power stations consume power at idle regardless of size.

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That’s great; but not everyone has the luxury to purchase multiple units. You can feel free to purchase them for us :slight_smile: and then I won’t complain.

Of course, my issue isn’t that there is self-consumption. I was very clear that the issue is that the actual value is about 2x what Bluetti says. If their specs matched reality, then we’ll know what to expect when getting it, and all would be well.

I’m not sure I understand why you seem to think it unreasonable for someone to expect that what the item they purchase behaves as the manufacturer says it does…