Super Eco Mode?

Final 24 Hour Automatic Shut Down Update. I decided not to put any kind of DC load on at all. Just 24 hours with only the DC side ON. And as expected but now confirmed, having anything ON defeats the 24 hour auto shutdown feature with the AC200 sailing right past the 24 hour mark and NOT automatically shutting down. I also ran a 2nd 24 hour test with just the AC ON, no load. Same result: no auto shutdown at 24 hours.

Conclusions from the various tests:

  1. AC200 auto shuts down at 24 hours if unit is in Standby (unit on but both AC and DC are OFF, no input or other activity).
  2. ECO mode has no bearing on this firmware auto shutdown safety feature, and it can not be disabled (except by turning DC and/or AC ON, of course).
  3. ECO mode’s only apparent function is to shut down the AC inverter after 4 hours of no load.
  4. ECO mode does not effect the DC side.

Ancillary data points in the following photos on overhead loss over these two 24-hour periods with just DC ON and then just AC ON, respectively, if anyone is interested.

24 hour mark, DC only, no load. Down from 100% to 86%…a 14% overhead loss.*

Beginning of AC ON only 24 hour test.

End of AC ON only 24 hour test. Down from 86% to 48%…a 38% overhead loss.*

  • Percentages on the display are approximations at best.