solar pannel

can you charge eb3a with 12 volt solar pannel does it have a high amp protection.

@Tim100 As long as the solar panels voltage falls under in between the 12-28V limit of the eb3a, it will work. And yes, the EB3a will only accept up to 8.5amps… Meaning if you’re “over-panneling” by wiring your panels in parallel… (which adds the amperage numbers/keeps the voltage the same) the unit be fine.

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If the solar Panels has A 12VOC (Open Circuit voltage) it will not work
The manual and specification explicitly stat the mppt input works for 12VOC but that’s wrong

My EB3A needs around 13V to start charging at all and Only at 14V it can pull the specified 8,5A

For the MPPT to actually do some Tracking You need around 18VOC solar panels

See this post for more infos:

thanks for your reply very informative. I appreciate that .