Resetting PV Generation/CO2 Reduction Numbers

Is there a way to reset the PV Generation/CO2 Reduction numbers to zero in the Bluetti APP? I’d like to reset to ZERO periodically, i.e. the first of each month instead of a running total. Also, is there a user manual for the APP available? I wonder if anyone in the Bluetti community has created and/or posted a “tips” or “lessons learned” somewhere?

Factory Reset will do it.

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It’s under “Advanced Settings.”

Thanks for the reply! I’ll research it. I try to avoid factory resets for fear of losing any customized settings. But, it’s always an option. Thanks again.

I would like to disable it completely.

On AC300, the PV generation number can be reset via the touchscreen without using factory reset. Press “Data” and then “Battery Information.” Then quickly press the upper left corner 5 times consecutively. Then press “Next” to get to the PV generation screen, which has an option to clear the PV generation value.

Actually the Factory Reset doesn’t seem to do much else, at least on my AC500, but you can take a pic/screenshots of your app settings to see if anything changed.

As far as I know there’s no other way.

Wow, talk about a hidden door! Thanks for the info. Do you have a link to additional hidden gems? I’d wager there are many Bluetti users that would benefit. I’ll wait for the end of my electric company’s billing cycle in a few weeks to try your method to reset the numbers. I’ll post an update then. Thanks again!

You’re welcome. I learned about this hidden menu from this forum. I don’t know of any other hidden menu.

I just tried it and hit the yellow “clear” button, but it didn’t clear anything.


But Factory Reset stills works. The only other setting it changed was “UPS” as I use “PV Priority,” so no big deal.

That’s unfortunate the “Clear Power Generation” button doesn’t work. I have not tried it since I don’t want to clear mine. Thanks for trying it and letting us know.

Thanks for sharing your findings. I’ll try it also and see if I get the same results in a few weeks. I’ll post an update then.

I tried the “Clear Power Generation” button on an AC300, and it did clear the value. Whether it works or not might be dependent on the ARM or BMS firmware version. This AC300 had ARM v4032.09 and BMS v1021.07.

Sorry to report that this trick didn’t work for me. I’m running the same ARM and BMS versions, but still nothing happens when I try tapping ‘5’ times in the upper left corner. I went: DATA → Battery Information → [tapped 5 times in the upper left corner] and…nothing. I don’t get that popup window.

I noticed in S8out’s picture that the background popup has a “BMS Maintenance” title. Mine just shows “Battery Information” title and no amount of tapping triggers the next popup. And, the only directional key I get is the “Back” button.

I blame it all on my inept finger … :slight_smile:

Hi @bluettinewuser

Have a look at this post, there is a video that shows how it works ;)

SUCCESS!!! Thank you all so much! The video was very helpful. I had to turn on the beep sounds to make sure I was actually hitting the screen 5 times successfully. I looked at PV Generation on my phone APP and it reads zeros. I appreciate the help very much!

Hi @bluettinewuser
Glad it helped you! :slight_smile:


The video helped. Thanks again!