Power consumption of the AC300

I have never done what you did as a test, but I can say that your findings are similar to mine in practical use. If I run a fridge the percentage used is greater than the watt hours the fridge actually uses. I find about 60-90 watts/hour is what (practically) the system will consume. Thanks for the post.

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@BLUETTI I got a new unexpected result. The machine (AC500 EU version) is running in …

  • PV priority mode
  • SOC 70%
  • battery lever >90%
  • PV 0W
  • grid connected, but no supply (measurd supply <3W)
  • DC and AC output ON
  • output mode LOAD MATCHING
  • no load connected at all

As I described, the machine consumes ~100W (53V/1.9A) from the battery (identical consumption in BYPASS C and D mode). But after disconnecting the machine from the grid, output mode is now INVERTER OUTPUT, the power consumption from the battery decreases to ~42W (53V/0.8A).
Why is the consumption in the grid connected modes so much higher? Or better, bypassing and NOT using the inverter needs more power then using it? Or again where is the difference used or wasted for?

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Just bumping this thread as I have the same observation with AC500 240V AU version. When connected to the grid the AC500 appears to use a lot more power than running disconnected for the equivalent load. My workaround for now is to use a timer and only top up from the grid once a day … but this seems crazy as this is what PV priority should be doing out-of-the box.

So same question as @MichaelSDE above… why this extra draw when grid input is energised?

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Is there any additional draw if the display control panel is left ON…time out set to NEVER?


Excellent :blue_heart:
Do you have something similar for AC200L and AC70 please?

@Derceto AC200L’s AC output no-load power consumption is 18W, and DC output no-load power consumption is 8W (for reference). The power consumption data for AC70 is being confirmed.

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The tech team has confirmed:
AC70 no-load power consumption: DC on-5W, AC on-15W.