#MyAC300afterAyear - Since July 2022: off-grid tree cabin, remote piece of land and DIY!

@Derceto Yes, please don’t worry.
No doubt you will be in the list of contestant winners! :wink: :wink:


Is Bluetti active on certain social media platforms and does it have special hashtags that it follows, like #bluetti or #offgrid and the likes?

You don’t need to add the popular hashtags that you mentioned for posting on forums. But on BLUETTI FB page and Instagram platforms there will be mention of these hashtags. :wink:

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@Derceto, I too use a ton of Ryobi tools but Kobalt Lawn Mower, and the weed eater just kicked the bucket, the battery latch broke and it’s not that easy to fix. Nice set-up. Love the lights. Wish I had the land (as you saw from my photos, I’m stuck on a postage stamp). Good luck with the Hydroponics. I have tons of "Learning experiences " in Aquaponics and Hydroponics which is what I am attempting to do and NOT to do, so I can fine tune it IF we (The U.S.) ever gets that bad. Florida is harsh with Weather/heat/bugs/etc. Indoor aquaponics may be the way to go, but self pollinating and power hungry LED grow lights may prove impractical.

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Awesome Post!

There is a lot of work involved in this setup

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@wtytke hey thanks; well hopefully US quickly starts healing. Moreover I firmly believe that growing some food at home is a basic skill we’ve disregarded over the past 2 generations. I like these small scale projects for more than the DIY & geeky aspect for that reason too… we’ve become so dependent on the supply chain for about everything.
Aquaponics are next in my checklist once our beehives are ready! Then after that, growing… err, breeding rabbits. Not sure I’ll eat them though :-)

Thanks! Lots of fun before anything else, it’s like Lego for big kids :slight_smile:

@Derceto Sorry you didn’t even get selected for the trolley, you were one of the first posts and much more detailed than the other winners…Sort of confused…
Did the Facebook judges know that your post existed?

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I didn’t see his name on the list?

Update: Oh wow, multiple winners for other contests…
Thanks for the message. I am so excited that we both ended up winning …

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Hey thanks for your thoughtful message, but it seems we both get an AC500 :slight_smile:

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Wait, what, I was just on FB, did they have multiple places to enter???

@wtytke I’m not using FB anymore, I just saw the forum, posted and asked @BLUETTI to confirm my post was in good order. I visited the forum a few weeks ago, just when they posted Show off your AC300 and Win Big! - #14 by BLUETTI

I guess it’s a good reason to come an review the topics more frequently :slight_smile:

I’m not using it either but my wife is and I looked there. I am so glad that we both won!
I didn’t know there was multiple places.
Congrats again!

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Now you’ll need to find a use for that “old” AC300 of yours ;-)

Wow, huge thanks to @BLUETTI for this incredible gift! Arrived today around lunchtime, perfect time for the perfect break!

I recorded the unboxing, will prepare the video and upload ASAP.

And what a timely suprise! AC500 to the rescue as AC300 has done its best since Saturday to compensate for a failure in the main solar installation… rerouting some roof power to the laundry room where all the heavy consumers are located: boiler, washing machine, drier… it’s a lot to handle considering that the boiler alone is a 3kW unit!

With 3 pairs of 120Voc each, I’m sure the two units will do splendidly to keep the house running until the main installation is back up:

So, morality… Victron 1 - Bluetti 2

On top of supplying power to my off-grid project, it even acts as a backup generator when the building’s autonomous system is down… crazy!


Oh and… “one last thing”, following @Angelique 's lead… adding this adorable fridge to the Bluetti trophies :slight_smile:

Next: ball cap and hoodie :-)


Awesome unboxing share!


OMG I totally want to rent that place on airbnb

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What is ironic is I now have TWO AC300’s that I will not be using. I bought 2 deals on that great sale that included an AC300 and the battery (for the price of the battery). I finally got my 2 new solar panel situation fixed (it took 3 deliveries to receive ones that were not broken). I hope to get to them up and working by end of month Sunday so I can finally run my Window AC solely on Solar and my new AC500 hooked up (I purchased two of the B300 to AC500 conversion cables).
I will probably move the 2x AC300’s on the other side of the house and will just need several batteries and permission by my HOA to install panels along “side” of the house (I’m not putting them on the roof!).

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