Max PV input power for AC200Max


I am currently running two solar panels (Pmax 410W, Voc 37.33V, Vpmax 30.70V, Ipmax 13.37A) connected in series on my AC200Max. On sunny days the input power at the AC200Max is about 750W. I plan to add a panel of the same type in series to the two existing panels. Pmax of the system would be 1230W what exceeds the max PV input power of 900W. Is this a problem? Would it damage the AC200Max? Or would the charge controller simply limit the input power to 900W and the input power above would be wasted?
Voc of the setup is 111.99V and perfectly in range of the specification.

Thank you.

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Yes, the PV power input will be limited to 900W. As long as the Voltage input never reaches or exceeds the AC200Max limit, no harm will happen.


Thank you Raymond for your answer. Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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