Is Bluetti Still Alive? No Customer Service!

On April 3rd I realized that I had a reversed polarity issue with my AC200MAX and tried to call Customer Service, but their voice mailbox was full. I then sent an email that was responded to on April 7th saying that they did have a batch with that problem and offered to provide an RMA label for return. I replied that I would be leaving for an extended RV trip on May 1st and could they guarantee it would be returned before then as the unit was partially usable as is and I could return it later. On April 11th they responded that May 1st should be no problem so I shipped it off and it was delivered to Bluetti on the 14th.

Even though I have emailed every department and was actually able to leave a voicemail, I have received no feedback. Aside from trying to find some full hookup sites for our trip, I am wondering what I am going to do with the B230 and solar panels I purchased along with the now nonexistent AC200MAX.

I finally got through to Customer Service yesterday and after checking on the situation they said that the replacement unit would be shipping out that night (4-25-22). Funny thing is that it got delivered to me that same night. I hope another unit is not on its way.

Bluetti makes very good equipment, but I think they are a little short handed right now (like most companies). However, a little communication would have made my life much better.


I wonder if its partly due to the current covid lockdown in China?